The Lizzie Eastep Bible

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My most treasured object from the past is the bible of my great grandmother Parry H. Elizabeth A McClure.  As one can see from the enlarged pictures, it is very old.  The first several pages are loose, having become detached a couple generations ago.

This is the most precious picture of all!   Lizzie Eastep was apparently given the bible on the occasion of her marriage to Thomas A. Eastep, March 1, 1888.  On the first page, she practiced her new name numerous times, (I count four signatures) and wrote her new address twice.

Reads as follows:
Thos. A. Eastep was Bornd November the 7, 1861
Parry E. Eastep Was Borned February th 25, 1870 (or 71, depending on which waswritten first.)
J.M.(James Malcom) Eastep Was Borned December10th, 1888
LM  (Lillie May)Eastep Was Borned November 20th. 1890
B.M. (Bennie M.) Eastep was Borned January the 27, 1893
M.E. (Maude Ellen) Eastep was Borned April the 25, 1895
C.M. (Charles Melvin)  Eastep ws Borned August 25th 1897
Verda H Eastep was Borned January the 24, 1900

Thos. A Eastep and Parry # McClure was Married March the 1, 1888
Thos. S. Hughes and Lillie May Eastep were Married March 7, 1909
Ben M. Eastep and Frankie Hauk were married Oct 4, 1914
Martin J. Finch and Verda H. Eastep were Married Dec 9th, 1918.
Evan Morrison and Maude E. Eastep were married  (Dec 7,1921)

We Got Grandpa and Grandma Eastep's pictures April 20, 1905.
Grandpa is 66 years   Grandma is 63 years.
The above was written by Lilly Hughes.
(Below that I made the note Born 1842 and 1838. These are Lilly's grandparents.)
The people referenced would be James Samuel Eastep, and Susan H. Goodman, his secdond wife.


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