2001 Honodel Reunion

In May one of the remaining Honodel "boys" and his wife, very graciously offered to host a gathering of the clan at their house in Spokane. It was rather thrust upon them, and before it was over, took on a life of it's own. We even had a representative of another Honodel branch, the Adam Jr. line. Charles and his wife Kay, his 97 year old father Raymond, and a niece Deneille, joined us to meet our clan. I saw cousins I haven't seen in 35 years!

These are pictures of the various family groups, and if I mess up on a name here and there, please forgive me. As my hubby said "too many Honodels"!

The "Guest Book"! Somewhere about the middle of the day, we realized we had nothing for people to sign for us to know who was there. A panic trip to the local Albertson's resulted in a normal spiral notebook, nothing else being available. But hey, it worked!
One of the cousins has been buying Honodel artifacts at auction, and these are a few of his beautiful collection!

Seems a branch was once in the business of Beer making! 

Are you thirsty yet?
Here, have one!
I call this one "Boys-n-the-Hood". Pictured infront of my cousins beautiful old Mercury are James, Bob, and Ed Honodel, the three remaining brothers.
Jim and Madge's family group.

L to R: Jack, Pete, Madge, Joe (Linda's hubby), Jim, Linda

Myron's family group back row:

Kelly, wife of Kyle, Joseph? Hussy, Annie Hussy, Myron, Michael Lewis, Paula Lewis, Milly Cassel, Paul Cassel

Front row: Kyle Hussy holding Wyatt and Natalie

Bob's family group

Michael, Susan, Brittany, Larry, Betty, Bob

Ed's family group Back row: Scott, Ed, Eddie Jr., Daniel

Middle row: Terry (Scott's wife), Aunt Jan, DeeDee, (Eddie Jr's wife)

Front row: Ashley, Kristen, Katie, Sam(antha)

Raymond's family group: (These were the Other Clan descended from Adam Jr.)

Kay, Raymond, Deneille and Charles Honodel in the back by himself

EEKgads! It's us!

Eric and Carol

Ok, are you ready for this: (deep breath...............)

Front: Eric, Joseph (?) with Wyatt, Sam, Ashley, Katie, Brittany, Me, Michael. Eric was running to get into the picture after pushing the self-timer.

Row 2: Deneille, Ray, Terry, Scott with Kristen

Row 3: Jim, Kay, Annie, Linda, DeeDee, Milly, Betty, Bob, Madge, Kelly, Ed

Row 4: Chuck, Myron, Kyle, Paula, Mike, Joe, Daniel, Ed Jr., Paul, Jack, Pete, Sue, Larry

Ok, how'd I do? Only one I'm not certain is Joseph

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