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Louisa Ravenscroft, wife of Adam Hohenadel/Honoddle/Honodel Jr.

(All spellings have been used at various times.)

William Raymond Honodel, Son of Adam, Jr. Age 3 years 

Photo was taken in 1875

William Raymond again, taken in 1892 on the occasion of his BA degree
What did he do next? Well, he went to medical school .

This delightful picture has 3 other "people" in it who are beyond the stage of protest.

William Raymond on the occasion of his wedding, age 30 , to Margaret Knoch.taken in 1902.
Children of Margaret And William R. photo taken about 1912.

Left to right: Raymond, Elwood, Adlyn

Hot Wheels! Taken about 1919 Margaret in front, Raymond hanging out the window, Elwood in the middle, Adlyn on the other side.
Back Row: Margaret (wife of William) Raymond, his wife Helen, William

Front: Ulrich Knock, Betty Rae, Annie Knock

Photo taken in 1930

Back Row: Helen Honodel, Raymond's wife, Margaret Honodel wife of Wm, Dallyn Clement a daughter of Adlyn Honodel.

Front row: Charles Honodel, Lauren Clement

Photo taken in 1945

Another picture from 1945

Margaret Honodel with Charles Honodel, Lauren, and Dallyn Clement

I hope, Chuck, that you like what I've done with the pictures you gave me!

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