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A picture of Jacob Hohenadel, the younger brother Of Francis.  He was a "Cooper", barrel maker, and he and Francis used to ride  to a local distillary to make barrels.
An absolute treasure!  A recent gift, this is a picture of George Gossert, father of Charlotte!
And this is the second part of that treasure, Nancy Stickell Gossert, wife of George and mother of Charlotte!
This is Charlotte Gossert Honodel, my great grandmother. She has such sparkly eyes, I would love to have met her!
Charlotte and Francis Honodel had 11 children, five girls as follows:
front row:  Lorene, and Carrie (aka: Daisy)
back row:  Margaret (aka: Madge), Amanda, and Almeda, (aka: Meade)
and six boys: front row: Roy, Ralph, and Omar
back row:  Frank, Howard, and grandpa Norris.
This is a picture of Howard, and his wife Margaret Hover Honodel. 
Howard was a brother of my grandpa Norris. 
Ralph Denton (Bud) Honodel on the occasion of the Farmer's Day Parade in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Sep 1915. Bud is on the horse.
This photo takes my breath away! One of Grandpa Norris's sisters, Great Aunt Meade.
Great Aunt Madge (Margaret) Honodel
Five of the sibblings of Norris Honodel. 

L to R: Margaret (wife of Howard), Daisy, Howard, Amanda, Lorene, Madge (Margaret)

This is Norris Honodel, my grandfather taken around 1910. He was a drummer in the cavalry band.
The dogtag that Norris wore while a drummer in the Army.

Side A

Side B
An old print, 40 inches wide was found of Grandpa Norris in the Army band on the drill/parade grounds of Fort Meade. Here are two versions of that print, the whole picture, and an enlargement of the band section.  He is the drummer at the very back.
A clan picture of some of the Honodel offspring. Great Grandma Charlotte is seated in the middle, holding Lorene's youngest child, according to the writing on the edge. Grandpa Norris is on the left, Grandma Margaret just in front of him, behind his cousin (Also Margaret) 
A wonderful picture of Margaret Mary Oshoff Honodel, my grandmother, taken in the latest swimming fashion of the day. No date on the back.
An even more charming picture of Grandma Margaret Oshoff Honodel, taken in 1907.
A delightful picture where "the girls" are modeling the latest fashion in swim ware.

L to R: Walburga, Margaret (grandma), Martha, Francesca. Taken about 1910

Grandma and Grandpa Honodel taken in front of our house December 1959.
Here they are, that famous clan shot.

L to R: Jim, Dan, John, Ed, Uncle Frank(in back), Bob, Elsie, Missy (Margaret)

Only one brother, Joe, is missing, probably taking the picture.

A 1957 gathering of the Honodel Clan! Do you really want to know? Ok, here goes: 

Back row: Cousin Nancy, her mom Madge Honodel, Aunt Trudy Honodel, Mom and Dad of Betty Honodel, Betty Honodel, Bob Honodel. 

Middle row: Cousin Gary (I think) Grandma Margaret Honodel, Missy Honodel Hussey, Myron Hussey. 

Front row: Cousin Linda, Jim Honodel, Bridget Honodel, Millie Hussey, John Honodel 

Front center: Arthur Hussey, Eddie Honodel Jr., Grandpa Norris Honodel

A 1964 clan gathering on the occasion of the death of Grandma Margaret Honodel 

Identification of people is on the picture.

My mother, Elsie Honodel Hughes taken probably around 1941 or 1942
A picture of Mother and Dad, Elsie Honodel Hughes, and Shannon (Bill) Smith Hughes


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