Hughes Family Page

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My father Shannon Smith Hughes II also taken around 1942
A marvelous picture of my Paternal grandmother, Lillie Eastep Hughes.
My paternal grandfather Thomas S. Hughes
Grandma Lillie with her sister Maude.
A wonderful picture of Parry H. Elizabeth A. (McClure) Eastep, mother of Lillie and Maude, and my great grandmother, a.k.a.: Lizzie. 

This is a cropped version of the picture. For a full body version, click here. She seems so tiny!

Elizabeth A. McClure sister to James McClure and aunt to Parry  above.
A picture of great grandmother Louisa Porter Hughes. Family lore from four independent sources says she was Cherokee. 
The family mystery man. Is he my great grandpa? There are conflicting stories. See the family notes. This gentleman is identified as Samuel S. Hughes.


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